TECNO-IND FOOD thanks to the original CAMPESATO ™ know-how, which is recognized and appreciated all over the world for over sixty years, manufactures custom-engineered solutions to process vegetables such as garlic, carrots, onions, green beans, potatoes and tubers, zucchini and much more.

Campesato solutions focus on the following produce:

Garlic drying, piece-splitting, air peeling, leaves exhausting, dicing, desiccating, milling

Carrots and roots dumping, infeed, pre-washing, stones and grass extraction, washing by drum or polishing, pieces removing, manual sorting, diameter/length grading, topping and tailing, hydrocooling, filling systems into bins , jumbo bags packing,

Onions tipping, soil extraction, stem cutting, sorting, diameter grading, miscellaneous bags packing or bins filling, storage

French beans / leaves vegetables tipping, infeed , pre-washing, leaves removing, washing , dripping, manual sorting, conveying systems for weighing lines, packing

Potatoes and roots dumping, receiving into hoppers, pre-washing, , stones removal, washing by drum or brushes, polishing with brushes, brushing, pre-grading or diameter sorting, drying, miscellaneous bags packing or bins filling

High quality standards and maximum design and technical reliability identify the originality of Campesato ™ machinery

The original Campesato know-how makes a difference.